Cinderella Solution Review

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The Cinderella Solution: The Made-For-Women Weight Loss Program That’s Getting Rave Reviews

Losing weight is difficult, and that is no secret. How about if your job is helping people lose weight and one day you realize that you are over 100 pounds overweight? That’s what happened to the creator of the Cinderella Solution, Carly Donovan.

But like many people who try losing weight, Carly discovered that it’s not easy. Even after eating a strict diet with no-carbs and spending an hour doing cardio everyday, she didn’t make any decent progress. After hitting a dead end with that routine, she experienced something else….and that is how the Cinderella Solution program came to be.

According to Carly, the program uses a two-pronged approach to help you lose weight. Meanwhile, you don’t have to go through boring and repetetive cardio workouts.

In this review, I will give you a close look at the Cinderella Solution system. Read to the end to find out if it’s worth trying or not.

What is the Cinderella Solution?

This weight loss plan has specifically been designed to help women lose weight. As the author notes, the majority of weight loss programs are filled with endless scientific and psychological facts on nutrition and health.

But the Cinderella Solution is completely different since it adopts the author’s own personal approach. The program uses the same daily meal plan she used personally to shed 84 pounds.

Carly’s weight loss program consists of eating healthier meals and performing a few simple workouts. There is no need to starve to death just to lose weight. According to Carly, starving can lead to serious consequences to your health.

How Does it Work?

Eating along with exercising only does so much during adulthood due to the human metabolism continually slowing down as we age. With the absence of the ability to burn fat, you can quickly become a victim of your own body. But the Cinderella Solution can be the perfect answer to your problem.

The program uses the ICE Dysfunction concept, which focuses on the fact that women have an imbalance of estrogen and cortisol. This imbalance of hormones is stronger after reaching puberty and before menopause.

This effects the metabolic function of the body. But with the Cinderella System, you can still lose weight even after puberty. The author herself used it to drop a whopping 84 pounds so you can too!

What’s Included?

So what do you get for your money? This is a question many people have, and rightly so.

Before you splurge on the program, here is what the package includes:

  • Rapid Fat-Loss Owner’s Manual: This helps to understand your hormonal needs and metabolism
  • Movement Sequencing Exercise Guide: This is to help you slim down without the need for supplements
  • First 15 Quick Start Guide: This gets you started right away to avoid procrastination even as you go through the manual
  • Permanent Fat Loss University: This will give you the understanding of exactly why your body gains and loses weight all of the time

Benefits of Cinderella Solution

Easy to Understand – The program is structured to make it easy to understand. The language is clear and simple, and is backed by images to make it even easier to comprehend. This book can be used by anyone to lose weight.


Specifically Designed for Women – Not many weight loss programs are targeted specifically for women but Cinderella Solution is tailor-made just for them.


Money Back Guarantee – Cinderella Solution is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee which means you can try the program for 2 months with no risk. If the product doesn’t meet your expectations, simply ask for a refund and you will promptly get your money back. You have a whole 60 days to do so which should be more than enough to decide if the program is right for you.


  • The system is available to download instantly so you won’t have to wait for delivery
  • The method is natural so there are no nasty side effects
  • The system is both effective and efficient
  • Comes with meal plans and recipes to help you lose weight
  • Money back guarantee


  • Results may vary from one person to another
  • The program is not “magic” so it does take time and effort to be effective

Are There Bonuses?

There are two excellent bonuses that complement the main manual. The Movement Sequencing Guide is one. It gives you a very detailed description of each exercise you need to do.

The majority of workout programs out there are men-driven, and they use the advantage of testosterone levels. However, this workout is focused on the way a woman’s body reacts. Plus, you only need 8 minutes for every workout.

The second bonus is the Daily Nutrition Blueprint Meal Planning System and Journal. It includes recipes that Carly used to lose weight.

Who is Carly Donovan?

Carly Donovan is the creator of the Cinderella Solution. While working as a weight loss expert, she realized she too needed to lose weight. She embarked on a journey through exercise and diet to shed the extra pounds she had gained.

What followed was shocking to her. Despite the many hours she spent at the gym and counting calories, she didn’t see much of a change. That’s when she knew there had to be another way.

She stumbled on this weight loss formula and decided to share her success story with other women who struggle to lose weight.


The Cinderella Solution weight loss program is designed specifically for women from 12 to 50 years old and targets holistic weight loss for the female body.

The program is very easy to follow, and won’t force you to stop eating some of the foods you love. It combines a workout program and an eating regimen with balanced foods. The program is backed by a solid money back guarantee which will allow you to get a refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Based on my results with the program and on what others have said, I recommend this product highly. It definitely works if you are willing to commit to it.

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After struggling with my weight for most of my life, I stumbled onto an online diet and decided to give it a shot. In just a year, I lost more than 100 pounds, and in the process took control of my health. I have now lost a total of 125 pounds, and openly share my weight loss journey here.